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Getting Ready for "That's Not My Neighbor"

Get ready for spooky fun in "That's Not My Neighbor." You'll be the guard in a strange building, trying to figure out who's real and who's faking it. Pay close attention and use your smarts. But be careful! If you make a mistake, those tricky impostors will catch you.

Exploring the Story of "That's Not My Neighbor"

Picture yourself back in 1955, playing the role of a guard at the door of a mysterious place. Your job is to uncover the fake people—creatures who can copy others perfectly. It's up to you to stop them before they cause trouble.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor Online

Step 1: Go to the website via Desktop browser or Mobile Browser

Step 2: Click the Play Game button to wait for the game to download, please wait a bit because the game is quite heavy.

Step 3: Then enjoy That's Not My Neighbor and have the most interesting inferences.

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